Microtek 1050 Merlyn with Exide Instabrite 150AH Tall Tubular

Exide Combo
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  • Microtek Merlyn 1050
  • Sinewave
  • Exide Instabrite 150AH
  • Tall Tubular
  • Inverter 2 year warranty
  • Battery 3 Year warranty

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Microtek inverter online

Microtek Merlyn Premium Series Home Inverters

MICROTEK MERLYN Sinewave 1250 With unmatched designs and innovations, Microtek Merlyn Inverters provide you extraordinary features also such as Auto reset, circuit breaker and long lasting. It Don’t let power cuts steal away your precious family time. Power your life with bold and beautiful ” “MERLYN PREMIUM SERIES” home UPS which has a longer power backup and less maintenance. It consumes less electricity and charges faster


Exide battery onlineTechnical Specs

Recommended Double / three bedroom house
Battery Backup time 2 to 14 Hours
Inverter Model & Waveform Microtek 1050 Merlyn Sinewave output
Battery Model & Capacity Exide Instabrite 150AH tall tubular
Inverter Warranty 2 Years On-site warranty
Battery Warranty 36 Months (18M Replacement Guarantee+18M Pro-rata warranty)
Delivery Within 12 hours

Load Chart

Option 1 3 Fans+3 Tube Lights+1Television+1 Computer or Mixie
Option 2 CFL + 3 Tube light + 3 Ceiling Fan + 1 Television + 1 Computer or refrigerator



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