Luminous Zelio Wifi 1100 with Life-Max 150AH (75M Warranty)

Luminous Combo
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  • Zelio 1100 Wifi
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Life-Max LM18075
  • 75 Month Warranty
  • Sinewave Inverter
  • Tall Tubular Battery

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Recommended Double / three bedroom house
Battery Backup time 2 to 14 Hours
Inverter Model & Waveform Luminous Zelio wifi 1100 LCD Display Sinewave output
Battery Model & Capacity Luminous Life Max LM18075 150 Ah Tall Tubular
Inverter Warranty 2 Years On-site warranty
Battery Warranty 75 Months (60M Replacement Guarantee+15M Pro-rata warranty)
Delivery Within 12 hours

Load Chart

Option 1 4 Fans+5 Tube Lights+1Television+1 Computer or Mixie
Option 2 CFL + 3 Tube light + 3 Ceiling Fan + 1 Television + 1 Computer or refrigerator


luminous inverter chennai

Luminous Inverter introduce India’s most affordable Zelio sine wave inverters, one of the most trusted inverters of india comes with a bundle of power-backed features which are simply unmatchable.  Developed after an extensive R&D, zelio sinewave home ups offers an efficient and reliable power back-up solution. It comes with an easy to use interface and hassle free battery maintenance.

Currently there are two variants in this inverter name zelio 1100 and zelio 1700 having capacities of 900VA and 1500VA respectively. Zelio 900VA is a 12 Volt single battery inverter suitable for 2/3 BHK houses. Olive power is the main Distributor of Luminous inverters Chennai in India.


luminous life-max lm 18075

Luminous life-max tall tubular battery delivers unparalleled power back up even at the hardest of times. So when you choose luminous product, you choose the avant grade technology. That’s why we bring to you an unprecedented 5 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY battery that allows you to enjoy free replacement, in case of any malfunctioning.


Luminous Zelio wifi 1100


Luminous life-max 18075

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