Luminous Zelio Wifi 1100 Home UPS

SKU: Zelio 1100 Wifi
  • 900VA  / 12Volt
  • 1 Battery System
  • Output Power 756W
  • Luminous Brand
  • Dimensions 27.5×24.8×12 CM
  • Weight 10Kg
  • Sinewave
  • Two Years Warranty
  • Battery not included

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Luminous Zelio 1100 Wifi Sinewave Inverter/Home UPS is WiFi enabled and can be connected to a Smart Phone. You can remotely monitor your device status and statistics using a Smartphone App. It has Smart display with unique indication that displays backup and charging time, along with Mains On, Eco/UPS Mode, system fault and battery. It has two different mode UPS & ECO In UPS Mode, output voltage is kept in range of 180V to 260V – ensuring safety of sensitive appliances such as computers. In Eco Mode, voltage range is extended thereby reducing battery usage. A special Bypass switch available, In case of any fault in UPS, Bypass switch can be used to bypass the UPS and allow mains to be available without any wiring changes. Zelio is armed with comprehensive protection features such as short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge and battery deep-discharge. Its pure sine wave output ensures safety and noiseless operation of connected appliances

Luminous Zelio 1100 Wifi Sinewave Inverter/Home UPS runs even on flat,tubular,SMF and local batteries. It is a Single battery based Inverter for 2 & 3 Bedroom house.


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