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Microtek Battery – Excellence can go a long way

Best in class Microtek Hadi technology of tubular plate batteries with robust design, excellent charging acceptance, low water loss, enhanced life (Thick plate construction with special paste formulation) for the areas with frequent power cuts. The battery uses more plates, means more surface area giving more power. Factory-charged and ready for commissioning. It is available at Olive Power in Microtek battery in Chennai

  • Extra thick plate
  • ensures Longer life
  • Special alloy
  • Very low battery maintenance
  • level indicators enable easy maintenance

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Microtek Battery Dealer in Chennai

Microtek Tall Tubular Battery – Built for longer backups and complete peace of mind.

Microtek batteries are avialble in the range of 7Ah to 200Ah. They are suitable for a wide range of standby power requirements like UPS, Telecommunication equipment,Emergency lights,Railway signaling,Fire alarm & security systems,Electronic attendance & cash registers, and so on. Features like exceptional deep discharge recover, low self-discharge,long service life and many more make them highly reliable among the users. Microtek in Chennai available at Olive power.

  • Maintenance free
  • Lead-calcium-tin grid for extended life.
  • wie operating temperature range
  • Low self-discharge and long service life
  • fast deep discharge recovery

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