How to Choose the Right Inverter and Battery for Home

how to choose the right inverter battery for home

Hot summers are here in full swing, and so are frequent power cuts. We all will agree that inverters are the most required products of the summer season in India. So, if you are planning to buy or replace your old inverter with a new one, then instead of being trapped in the marketing gimmicks, be your own educator. Understand some fundamental truth about inverters (sinewave or Squarewave)  and inverter batteries (tubular, Nontubular), before going for the best buy.

  1. First Calculate your power requirements for an inverter
  2. Inverter is not a generator and has its own limitations. You can’t power and run the complete household with a normal inverter.
  3. Decide the appliances and gadgets you want to run on the inverter with their power consumptions.
  4. Running and starting power requirement of all electric appliances are different. Some appliances like refrigerator, washing machine,Pump motors etc. take almost double power to start as compared to the normal running power.

Find the VA rating: It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the equipment. If the inverter operates with 100% efficiency, this means that the power requirement of the appliances and power supplied by the inverter is the same. But this is ideally not possible, and this is known as the power factor of an inverter. Thus, the combination of your power requirement and inverter’s power factor decides the VA ratings of an inverter.

UPS or Inverter:  UPS and inverter generally does the same job, i.e. converting DC into AC in case of power failures. But for a home, the backup power requirement is higher. UPS cannot supply that much power and only support it for a few minutes. The inverters are classified according to their output waveforms with the three common types being the square wave, the pure sine wave and the modified sine wave. It is best to buy pure sine wave inverters

Battery: The life and performance of an inverter are very much dependent on battery quality. The capacity of a battery is expressed in terms of Ampere Hour (Ah). It indicates:

1.No of back up hours.

2.Power requirement

3.Voltage of the battery

Automotive like car,truck,genset batteries are not suitable for home Inverters: Lead-acid batteries used for automotive purpose are termed as “high cycle” lead-acid batteries while the requirement of the inverter is totally different. They require a “deep cycle” batteries to provide continuous power.   

SMF or Maintenance-free batteries: These batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries which do not require topping up or additional ventilation. But the life of maintenance-free batteries is comparatively low, and the cost is comparatively high.

Tubular batteries: There are two type of lead acid batteries. One is Flat battery. Other is Tubular Battery. Tubular battery is the most popular segment of inverter batteries. Tubular batteries have a complex design, while flat plate batteries have a simple make up. The high electrical efficiency and extra-long life make tubular batteries suitable for both domestic and industrial applications. A good maintained tubular battery life span is upto 6 to 8 years or more.

The Manufacturer of the Batteries: It is always advisable to go for a trusted brand for both inverter and inverter batteries. If you are getting this under a reliable name, one should not leave such an opportunity. It always helps with after-sales support and maintenance issues. Luminous,Amaron,Exide can be your saviour in this aspect, as our reliable brand provides the best inverter and inverter batteries for your home backup requirements. Their robust, sturdy and long-lasting products come with a good warranty span and unmatched results. They are a pioneer in the field of manufacturing, trusted inverter and inverter batteries

Top Best Inverter Battery brand for Home Inverter Use in Chennai

Top best inverter battery brands
Top best inverter battery brands

Power failure is a major issue in Chennai. People have to install Power back up solution such as inverters, genset to face this problem. Inverter battery are major selling power backup solutions in India. But it is very difficult to Choose the right Inverter Battery as there are dozens of brand in India. Choosing the right Inverter battery involves in  Warranty,Guarantee,Maintenance,Popular brand so on. The inverter needs batteries to store the electricity that will draw the power from when the actual power is available. An inverter battery is the most important part of the inverter to give you uninterrupted electricity for long hours. One needs a really good high –Quality battery in order to get a good power back-up. There are many companies that produce good quality batteries for their customers including right size, capacity, and their quality and storage power.

These some of the best-selling and more trusted batteries available in the market and they are also available in the online shopping website of Olive Power as well. The best inverter batteries are listed below.

Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 Tall Tubular Battery – 36 Months warranty

Luminous Inverter Last ILTT 18048N Tall Tubular Battery – 60 Months Warranty

Luminous Life Max LM18075 Tall tubular Battery – 75 Months Warranty

Luminous inverter battery is a Popular brand which is trusted by most of the Indians. It is one of the best brands that manufacture lead acid and sealed batteries. Luminous Batteries are high-quality and long lasting which are come from 36 to 75 month manufacturer’s warranty. Luminous provides highest warranty battery to their customers.  Recharge,Inverlast,Lifemax are some of the best known inverter batteries in the industry. The container and box are very neat and looks good. The price starts from 9000.

Exide Inva master IMTT1500 Tall tubular battery – 54 Months warranty

Exide Inva tubular IT500 Tall tubular battery – 60 Months warranty

Exide is also one of the leading manufacturers of inverter batteries car batteries in India. Exide battery has various types of Tubular batteries for inverters. Exide invamaster and exide inva tubular are great batteries for inverters. Exide provides warranty from 36 months to 60 months. Price starts from 8000.

Amaron Tall Tubular Battery AR150TN54 – 54 Months Warranty

Amaron is another best quality brand for inverter batteries. They have their own manufacture unit across india. They are also leader for automotive like car,bike,truck in India. Amaron inverter battery comes in a good container with great look. Amaron tubular battery starts from 12400

Olive power is the leading online store for inverter batteries exide,amaron,luminous.

Tips to Choose the Right Inverter for Your Home

tips to choose right inverter for home

With so many blogs and articles available online for our reference, we by now are aware of the fact that Inverter are the only source for frustrating power cuts. But shopping or deciding on the right one takes a great amount of research, assurance, knowledge and trust. Poorly functioning Inverters are one of the most common causes of motorcycle breakdown. Therefore, most people like to go for trusted and best brands like Luminous,Microtek,Exide,Amaron for their Home requirement.

Olive Power is one of the best inverter dealer in Chennai and has come up with a detailed go-to inverter battery buying guide that will help you make the ideal choice. So, the various factors to consider while installing inverter are:

  • Choose the best brand on after sale service: You know after service is the big issue for any product. Go for a Popular brand like Luminous,Microtek,Exide,Amaron for guaranteed performance and excellent after service.
  • Hassle-free: Make sure that the dealer are authorized for their product and give GST Invoice. To claim warranty GST Invoice is Must. After install the inverter, warranty registration will help any other warranty issues in future..
  • Service co-operating Dealers: Choose dealers who are efficient in after sale service and trusted and reliable In the industry. Make sure they are authorized for their products.
  • Check online for a larger selection and lower prices: Its always recommended to go and check the brand’s website for more information about the brand, their range of products, specifications, etc. The website gives a complete insight of what the brand will be offering to the consumers. is the leading online store offering a great customer experience to each, with not only best performing products, but also with an extensive range, great service and product information on the website. Our website is well-equipped with all the details of the inverter,battery,solar,car battery, their features, and purchase details.

Great tips to maintain Home inverter and battery

great tips to maintain inverter battery

In India, power failure & maintenance scheduled power cuts are still the norm. We all know how frustrating a power cut can be after a long day at work. Hence it is necessary we take requisite steps for maintenance of the Home UPS battery. If you have recently brought a Home UPS, here are a few tips that will allow you to properly maintain the battery for optimum performance and longer backup life.

Heavy usage of the Battery

Disconnect devices that heavily consume energy to run. Keep the connections limited to Fans,lights,laptop,desktop and other applainces, that you feel you really can’t do without. By cutting off the extra load, you will see a significant increase in the back up of the Home UPS battery.

Switch to power saving lights and fans

Use energy efficient lights and fans to cut down the power consumption. Low power consumption means less burden on the battery and more saving in electricity. For instance, a normal bulb consumes significantly higher energy in comparison to a CFL.

Keep monitoring the charge of the Battery

It is vital to charge the Home UPS battery effectively. After installing the battery, make sure to check it’s fully charged. If there are no power cuts, do plug off the battery and after that recharge it again.

Water Level

Every 3 months, make sure to check the water level. Ensure that the water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum water limit. Continuously top up the battery with distilled water. Do not use tap water or rain water as it contains minerals and contaminations which can affect the life and performance of the battery.

Check for corrosion

Keep the battery terminals rust free. Rusting can significantly hamper the battery performance. Corrosion in terminals alters the flow of power to and fro from the battery. This limited stream of current results in moderate battery charging which at last diminishes battery life and in the end impacts your Home UPS’s performance. On the off chance that the terminals get eroded pour boiling water on the affected zone or use a toothbrush for cleaning. This exercise will wipe the corrosion. Once the terminals are clean, apply some oil on to the terminals, nuts and bolts to avoid future corrosion.

Right Inverter battery for Home in Chennai

right inverter battery for home use in chennai

Whenever you decide to buy a new inverter or upgrade your old one, choosing the right one for your home is always a challenge. You do not just buy any inverter from a shop or the same inverter you saw in someone else’s home as every home’s power requirement, inverter’s load capacity, and other essentialities are different from each other.

So, before buying an inverter, get the basics of choosing an inverter right. Here we are stating some essential factors to take into consideration while going for a perfect buy for your home.

  1. Consider your power requirement: This is the most basic thing to consider while choosing  an inverter  for your home. In simple words, you need to decide the appliances and gadgets you want to run on this reliable power source at the time of power failure.
  2. Find the VA rating of your inverter: VA stands for the volt-ampere rating. It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the equipment. If the inverter operates with 100% efficiency, this means that the power requirement of the appliances and power supplied by the inverter is the same. But this is ideally not possible, and this efficiency is known as the power factor of an inverter. Thus, the combination of your power requirement and inverter’s power factor decides the VA ratings of an inverter.
  3. Choice of battery: The battery is the backbone of an inverter system. The life and performance of an inverter system are very much dependent on battery quality. The battery capacity is measured in Ampere hours (Ah) i.e. for how many hours can the battery run at eh required current. A simple calculation of battery capacity is done with the power requirement, back-up hours required and the voltage of the battery. This simple calculation will save you from any misleading information.

Now at a glance, let us see some of the common inverter problems. This might be an indication for you to replace the old set with a new one.

  • Inverter not turning on: This can be due to several factors like the disconnected battery, loose terminals of the battery, tripped inverter, discharged battery, DC fuse blown, etc.
  • Battery not getting charged properly: This also could be because of several factors like a dead battery, loose battery connections, melted fuse, etc.
  • Shortened back up time: It can be due to too much power consumption or not enough time for the battery to be charged fully. Also, when the battery has low level of electrolyte, the back-up time is shortened. Rusty terminals, old battery and deposition of white ash on the terminals can also be some of the reasons.
  • Continuous beeping of alarm: This can be due to excess of power load on the inverter or a stuck cooling fan.

These are some of the most common problems faced by most households with inverters. In most cases, either the inverter needs replacement, or the battery needs replacement. In both cases. Luminous,Microtek,Exide,Amaron can be your saviour as we provide the best inverter and inverter batteries for home. Their robust, sturdy and long-lasting products come with a good warranty span and unmatched results. They are a pioneer in the field of manufacturing trusted inverters and inverter batteries.     

Best Inverter for home in Chennai

best inverter for home in chennai

Given the number of power cuts we are used to witnessing in urban and rural Tamilnadu, the power inverter technology was bound to become a household name. However, over the years people have started facing poor output from their home inverter and battery setups. While it is understandable that heavy usage during summer months may be the cause for less backup, people are even complaining about poor performance during winter months.

If you are also seeing reduced output from your power inverter, here are some things which might be wrong with the setup.

One, your batteries have become old and deteriorated. It means the battery cannot hold as much charge as it used to and needs replacement.

Two, you have become relaxed about inverter power and are now using more power-hungry devices than you were initially. Moreover, if you are running devices like room heaters and water heating rods, then you should expect a drop in the inverter’s performance.

Three, you have a locally assembled product which has started malfunctioning and can no longer recharge the batteries.

So, how to resolve the issue and get your home inverter working at its full capacity?

  1. If your inverter’s battery has become old and can no longer hold the charge required for essential home appliances, it is time to order a replacement. Buying original Livguard inverter batteries can resolve the issue in a jiffy. Luminous,Microtek,Exide,Amaron offer best quality inverter batteries in India and also provides warranty cover as a promise of long-lasting performance.
  2. In case you are running too many appliances, lights etc. on inverter power, consider bringing the usage down to your power inverter’s specification. Over use can sometime damage the unit and batteries as well. To get the most out of your inverter’s power backup you can also switch to energy saving devices such as CFLs and LED bulbs. Similarly, products with copper motors and wiring are more energy efficient and inverter friendly.
  3. If you have a local inverter, consider switching to a branded product instead of wasting money repeatedly on costly repairs.

Tips for inverter battery maintenance:

  1. Make sure that the battery terminals are not corroded or rusted. Rusting can reduce current flow.
  2. If the terminals are corroded, pour hot water mixed with baking soda solution and clean them with a brush. You can also apply petroleum jelly on the terminals and other metal parts of the battery to keep them from corroding or rusting again.
  3. Inverter batteries need to be charged regularly. If you are not having frequent power cuts during winter, make sure that the inverter’s battery is completely discharged and recharged once a month.
  4. If your inverter is using a lead acid battery, make sure it is always filled with distilled water. Do not use tap water or rain water in batteries.

All in all, every home product needs proper maintenance to work efficiently and so do home inverters and batteries. We hope these tips will help you get better power backup from your inverter.

Luminous Inverter & Battery Products

Regalia – India’s 1st Wall Mounted
Smart Power Backup System

Luminous Regalia Solar UPS, is most sophisticated and smartest power back-up system. It is India’s first wall mounted smart power back-up system, designed to suit your modern sensibilities. It is a pure sine wave Home UPS which makes it practically noiseless and highly efficient. It comes with LI-ion batteries that are maintenance free with a life-cycle of up to 10 Years. Regalia not only offers style but is also a smart device which shows you the remaining back-up and battery charging time on its display screen. regalia 900VA / 48V and 1500VA / 48V are available at Olive power Luminous inverter in Chennai

  • Powered by Li-ion battery which has 3x longer life, 3x charging speed and is 15% more efficient
  • Smart Home UPS with Wi-F- connectivity and Moblie App for device control.
  • Colour Touch Screen to view backup time, Charging time or device configuration.
  • Battery Charging commences at input voltage as low as 100V
  • Warranty 24 Months on electronics and 60 months on battery

Luminous Eco Volt – Efficiency that saves your precious resources

Luminous Eco Volt is a pure sine wave Home UPS> The low harmonic distortion makes this UPS practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it efficient and helps save on electricity bills. Eco Volt 650,Eco Volt 750,Eco Volt 850,Eco Volt 1050,Eco Volt 1550,Eco Volt 1650 are available at Olive power Luminous inverter in Chennai

  • Pure sine wave
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Supports Flat,Tubular,SMF & Local battery.
  • ABCC Technoloby
  • Overload protection with auto reset

Luminous Cruze + – Non-stop business during power cuts

Home and commercial establishments have higher power needs. Frequent power-cuts can hamper the overall performance of the appliances. Luminous High KVA UPS offers high quality and reliable power back-up solution for running office and sensitive equipments. The low harmonic distortion makes this inverter practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps save on electricity bills. Luminous Cruze 2KVA,Cruze 2.5KVA,Cruze 3.5KVA,Cruze 5.2KVA,Cruze 8KVA,Cruze 10KVA availabel at olive power in Luminous Inverter in Chennai.

  • Pure sine wave
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Protection through MCB.
  • Big load carrying capacity
  • Synchronized changeover

Inverlast – Super long back up, super long life

Luminous Inverlast Tall tubular range of batteries are next generation Talll Tubular batteries which are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts. The ultimate tall tubular batteries, especially designed with thick tubular plates are best suited for areas with frequent power cuts. These long lasting batteries have 30% more Acid volume per ampere hour than ordinary tubular batteries. Inverlast available in ILTT18048N-150AH, ILTT18000N – 150AH, ILST10036-80AH, ILTT26060-220H at Olive Power in Luminous Batteries in Chennai.

  • Tall Tubular battery
  • 48-60 Months Warranty
  • Rugged container.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long life

Redcharge – Long backup, Low maintenance

Luminous Redcharge Batteries Highly reliable tubular-plate technology enables batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent power. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing battery life. The tubular-plate batteries perform better on heavy-duty applications. Even the maintenance required with these batteries is quite less. Redcharge 18000,Redcharge 15000,Redcharge 25000 available at Olive Power in Luminous Batteries in Chennai.

  • Tall Tubular battery
  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Rugged container.
  • Ideal for longer power cut areas.
  • Long life

Trolley – Powerful inside, Beautiful Outside

Luminous Trolley ToughX Trolley is an elegantly designed product, which is sturdy as a rock and yet pleasing to the eye. It surely is the very best accessory for your Luminous UPS set. Luminous TX100L,TX200L,TX1005 available at Olive Power in Luminous Trolley in Chennai.

  • Shock Proof
  • No dangling wire
  • Super compatible works with all types of batteries.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Long life

Luminous Zelio 1100

Luminous inverter Chennai

Luminous Zelio Wifi Inverter is India’s smartest Home UPS with Wi-Fi Connectivity and displays backp-up time in hours & minutes. The low harmonic distortion makes this Luminous Home Inverter UPS practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and help s save on electricity bills

Key Feautres

  1. Smart Home UPS with intuitive LCD Display, Wi-Fi connectivity and Android/iOS app
  2. The App allows access to device statistics on your Smartphone, like Back-up time remaining, Battery charging time, Input Voltage on mains supply, % load on Home UPS in back-up mode, Power Cut Trend and Battery Health Status
  3. 32 bit DSP processor which optimizes charging current and calculates back-up time
  4. Input mains protection through MCB instead of fuse
  5. Easily Bypass the device the in case of device fault and allow mains to be available without any wiring changes
  6. Supports wide battery rande, i.e. Flat plat Battery, Tubular Battery & VRLA (SMF)

Luminous Zelio Inverter has two variants. One is Zelio 1100 other one Zelio 1700. Zelio 1100 capacity & DC voltage is 900VA / 12V. Zelio 1700 Capacity & DC Voltage is 1500VA / 24V. The input Volatage Rang is 110-285V. Maximum Bulb load for Zelio 1100 is 756 Watt. Zelio 1700 is 1260 Watt. Maxmimum Charging current for Zelio 1100 is 15A and Zelio 1700 is 17A. Net weight of the Zelio 1100 is 10.0 Zelio 1700 is 14.3KG. Both has Protectino of Overload, Low battery, Over charge, Short Circuit, Over temperature & Wrong Wiring.

How to Choose Inverter Battery

So, you bought an inverter armed with the latest tech that is advertised to be the best of the best. In general, inverters are advertised very well, and as a result, we know an awful lot about them and have a rough idea about how they are going to perform under various workloads. But what about the core unit?Your inverter battery? Did you just pick one hoping that every single one is the same? Well, if you did, then, its bad news for you because although batteries in general seem to be broadly the same, yet there are quite a lot of differences between the ones that are reliable versus the ones that are a bit more affordable.

In general, a battery that costs more also performs better and has a longer service life than other batteries rated for the same capacity. So, how do you know which ones to pick? Well, here is a handy guide to picking yourself a decent battery that won’t break the bank and will serve you well in the long run. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Tips to choosing a decent battery:

  1. Tubular vs. Flat Plate: If space is a constraint, then a flat plate battery is a better choice because of their small form factor. They will fit in almost any space; however these batteries tend to be have service life than Tubular batteries because of their inherent construction. On the other hand Tubular batteries have considerably high service life, but at the same time requires more recharge time after a long power cut, in comparison to flat plate batteryTubular batteries are best suited for Indian long power-cut situations and flat plate batteries are best suitable for short & frequent power cut situation Whatever, flat plate or tubular plate construction, performance & life of any lead acid battery depends on two major aspects – purity of basic raw material & manufacturing process robustness. It is always recommended to go for a reputed brand like Luminous which make reliable and efficient batteries. You can buy luminous battery online in India from a number of online retail websites.
  2. Maintenance: Any battery that you buy is going to require some amount of maintenance on periodic intervals. However, tubular batteries require less maintenance than flat plate batteries because of their design. They can hold a lot of distilled water, which, in theory, makes them less prone to drying out quickly.
  3. Weight: It is a fairly rudimentary way to assess quality but if possible, it is always advisable to measure the weight of the batteries (minus the packaging) before buying them. A heavier battery will use higher quality electrolyte plates which in theory, will give them a longer lifespan.
  4. Wet Cell vs. SLA: Wet cell batteries are less expensive to own than SLA (Sealed Led Acid) but they require a higher amount of maintenance. On the other hand, SLA batteries have a considerably shorter lifespan and require considerable less maintenance but they also cost a lot more. So, even though SLA is more expensive, they usually offer a better return on investment than wet cell batteries.

Bottom Line

Batteries are the powerhouse of an inverter. Where the Inverter regulates the electric charge from the battery, the battery itself is responsible for holding the backup charge. You can buy online luminous battery as they are one of the most reliable brands in making backup power generation units and are very cost effective in the long run. But the important thing to remember here is that buy a battery according to the load that you have so that you can get the desired backup in the event of a power out.

Luminous Inverters in Chennai

Luminous Inverters in Chennai

Luminous inverter chennai

A top Company for Inverters,batteries and solar across India. Schnider based Luminous Inverters is one of the best company for Power products applications. Luminous specialises in ‘Inverters and Batteries and has over more than 1000 products. Luminous sells Home Ups,Commericial inverters,Tubular Batteries for Inverters and Solar products.

There is a wide range of products available, from Low end inverters to High end inverters, low end batteries to high end Inverters and batteries in Chennai. Luminous inverters are the most reputable brand in India, according to majority of the consumers. Consumers in India have named Luminous inverters as the most preferred inverter brand in a new survey conducted by a research.

The most important aspect of  Luminous inverter brand’s offering was extra fast response time in service cases, followed closely by remote system monitoring. Mr.Ulaganathan M, Manager of Luminous Inverters in Chennai Branch explained: “Considering the highly competitive nature of the Home Ups market, attractive warranty and service offerings, and a good reputation for offering excellent after-sales support is becoming a highly important way in which PV inverter suppliers can strengthen their brand and gain market share.”

In just a few years, Luminous’s inverters and batteries have become synonymous with technological innovation, build quality and unparalleled customer service and are highly spoken of by customers nationwide. Luminous has set up an integrated service process for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales support and has established service centres across India. They are also reaching out to with a series of technical workshops which aim to offer technical support, project consulting and advice on remote monitoring.

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