Luminous NXG1150 Solar Inverter Combo

 49,500.00 (incl GST)

Category Solar Combo
Brand Luminous
Inverter Model NXG 1150
Battery Capacity 150AH
Panel Capacity 165W*2Nos
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Luminous NXG1150 Solar Inverter Combo

 49,500.00 (incl GST)

Availability: In stock

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Luminous Solar NXG NXG1150+165WP*2+150AH is suitable for Home

About Luminous

Luminous Power Technologies, known as a ‘Power Specialist Company,’ is a renowned brand that offers a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge devices. These devices have revolutionized power back-up, power storage, distributed power generation, renewable energy, and alternative energy solutions. The company’s mission statement and philosophy have always centered around ‘Customer Delight.’

Luminous, one of the fastest best inverter battery brands in India, offers a range of inverters, batteries, and solar products that are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts.

Of course this is achieved through a commitment to innovation, devotion, novelty, and passion, as well as a continuous focus on improving comfort, efficiency, and productivity. In order to provide the best solutions for consumers, Luminous has fostered a culture of innovation and development. As a result, the company has built a legacy of trust and performance.

Moreover, it boasts 7 manufacturing units and more than 28 sales offices across the country. In addition, Luminous has established its presence in over 36 countries, with 6000 employees serving more than 60,000 channel partners and millions of customers.

Luminous NXG uses Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT). Once the batteries get charged, it cuts off grid power and supplies electricity through solar panels thus maximizing solar energy usage. This helps you save up to 3 units of electricity per day. Substantial money savings in the long run.


Features of Luminous NXG 1150 

  • 3 User Settable Saving Modes
  • LCD display screen
  • Power savings of 4 units per day
  • Max Capacity Utilization
  • Powerful charging even at low voltage (90V)
  • Pure Sine wave output


Features of Luminous LPTT150H 

  • Tall Tubular plate
  • Extremely high purity
  • corrosion-resistant
  • spine alloy composition
  • HADI Technology
  • Highly puncture-resistant
  • Plates designed for improved charge acceptance


Features of Luminous 165Watts 

  • 165 Watts 12 V
  • vmax – 18.65 V,  voc – 22.84 V
  • (imax) – 8.85 A, (isc) – 9.55 A
  • 25 years performance warranty.
  • Compliance to IEC standards.
  • Best in Class conversion efficiency.
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Back surface (BSF) for more light absorption.
  • Advanced EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) encapsulation for module production

Specification of Luminous NXG1150 Solar Inverter Combo

Inverter / Battery / Panel Brand Luminous
Inverter Model  NXG 1150
Wave Form Sinewave
Inverter VA  850VA
DC Voltage 12Volt
Solar Charger Type PWM
Input Voltage Range 18V-25V
Battery Model  LPTT12150H
Battery Capacity 150AH C10 
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Panel 165 Watts 2 Nos
Panel Type Poly Crystaline
Inverter Dimension 32.0*30.2*13.0 CM
Battery Dimension 44(H) x 50.2(L) x 19.1(B) in CM
Panel Dimension 148.0*67.0*3.4 CM
Inverter Warranty 2 Years
Battery Warranty 72 Months
Panel Warranty 25 Years
Manufactured by Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd
Country of Origin India


Solar Inverter dealer in Chennai


Solar Inverter dealer in Chennai








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