Microtek Inverter battery Combo 1100+150AH

 17,499.00 (incl GST)

Category Inverter Combo
Inverter Model Super Power UPS SW 1100
Battery ModelMTEK1501818LT
Inverter Type Sinewave
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Inverter Capacity 950VA
Battery Capacity 150AH

Microtek 1100+150AH Inverter battery Combo

 17,499.00 (incl GST)

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Microtek Inverter battery Combo 1100+150AH is suitable for 2 & 3 BHK Home, Shop 

At Microtek, we understand the vital role power plays in our lives today.

We are dedicated to delivering power solutions that meet your needs precisely.

Our UPS power backup systems for homes provide you with reliable and uninterrupted power.

This ensuring your comfort and connectivity in every situation.

Moreover, we take pride in maintaining strict quality control standards for all our power backup products

Moreover, Microtek Inverter being one of the leading market players in the field of inverters, inverter batteries, and UPS, delivers long-lasting, continuous power supply to various appliances and gadgets.

In addition, their innovative product design provides efficient and reliable protection against all power problems.

This design specifically caters to residential inverters, offering safe and silent AC power backup for homes.

Consequently, Microtek inverters are regarded as one of the best solutions to address various power outages and issues at home.


More about Microtek

Notably, the Microtek home inverter range is available in a variety of power configurations and battery combinations to meet the power backup requirements of all homes.

Furthermore, all their home inverter products undergo strict quality control measures and are accompanied by robust after-sales support and a 2-year warranty.

Similarly, the Smart Super Power is based on Sinewave Technology, a perfect combination of digital and sine wave technologies.

This unique blend ensures noiseless performance and quick charging, along with the ability to handle more load and provide longer battery life and backups.

Remarkably, these UPS systems are compatible with various battery types such as flat, tubular, SMF, and other local batteries.


About Micortek Battery

Similarly these made using Japanese technology, these batteries ensure that the demand of best inverter for home is met with effortless ease.

Microtek offers long lasting tubular inverter batteries. Moreover, Microtek tubular inverter batteries come in different capacities ranging from 80Ah to 220Ah.

So, The Batteries are made using the exceptional HADI tubular technology which provides unmatchable performance.

Additionally, the warranty ranges from 36 (18+18) months to 60 (36+24) months. It’s your time to have the best inverter in India.

After all, you deserve nothing less when it comes to keeping the home charged for hours.


Load Chart & Backup Time of Microtek Inverter battery Combo 1100+150AH

Option 1 1TV+Set Top box + 5 LED Bulb + 3 Fan + 4 Tube light + 1 Laptop + 1 WiFi Router
Option 2 5 Tube Light + 5 Fans + 1 Laptop
Backup Time     2 To 14 Hours (3 Hours for 400 Watts Usage) 

Reference Load Chart of Appliances / Electronics

Tube Lights 40 Watts
Ceiling Fans 75 to 100 Watts
CFL Lights 15 to 30 Watts
LED Lights 5 to 30 Watts
Television (up to 40″) 60 to 80 Watts
Laptop’s & Desktop’s 100 to 200 Watts
Mixer Grinder 800 Watts
Refrigeration (upto 500L) 300 to 500 Watts
Washing Machine  1000 Watts                                                                                              

Specification of Microtek Inverter battery Combo 1100+150AH

Inverter Brand Microtek
Inverter Model  Super Power UPS SW 12V
Inverter VA & DC Volt 950 VA / 12Volt                                                                                    
Inverter Output Power 760 Watts
Inverter Wave Form Sinewave
Inverter Warranty 2 Year
Inverter Dimension 38.7×39.6×20.7 CM
Inverter Weight 11.3Kg
Battery Brand Microtek
Battery Model MTEK1501818LT
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Battery Capacity 150AH
Battery Dimension 510(L)x190(W)x362(H) in MM
Battery Warranty 3 Year
Replacement 18 Months
Pro-Rata 18 Months
Manufactured by Microtek International Pvt Ltd




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