Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH 68AH


Exide Mileage
68 AH
55 Months Warranty
Free Delivery
Free Installation

With Old Battery
 5,900.00 (incl GST)
Without Old Battery
 6,900.00 (incl GST)

Description of Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH 68AH

Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH 68AH is Recommended for Sedan / SUV / MUV

Modern cars and SUVs come equipped with a lot of standard electronic equipment. From advanced safety features to enhanced driving controls and entertainment systems, every new addition raises the electronic power requirements of your vehicle. Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH car and SUV battery deliver adequate and reliable power to meet these needs. Exide offers a complete range of modern Maintenance Free car and SUV batteries that can deliver years of dependable service. Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH automotive battery is designed to meet the high-performance demands of heavy Car, SUV, commercial vehicles. It provides dependable energy for extremely demanding starting conditions and peak power supply in the toughest of scenarios. Robust design of Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH battery to take care of stringent application requirements. The internal structure is designed using latest technology that provides more power and reserve capacity to the battery making it reliable, consistent and truly maintenance-free

Features of Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH 68AH

  • Robust grid structure provides a long life to the batteries
  • Low on maintenance and easy to handle
  • Very high on safety standards
  • Faster charging resulting in more savings.
  • Provides enormous power

Specification of Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH 68AH

Model No ML75D23LBH
Brand Exide Mileage
Warranty 55 Months
Replacement 30 Months
Pro-Rata 25 Months
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