How to Choose the Right Inverter and Battery for Home

Hot summers are here in full swing, and so are frequent power cuts. We all will agree that inverters are the most required products of the summer season in India. So, if you are planning to buy or replace your old inverter with a new one, then instead of being trapped in the marketing gimmicks, be your own educator. Understand some fundamental truth about inverters (sinewave or Squarewave)  and inverter batteries (tubular, Nontubular), before going for the best buy.

  1. First Calculate your power requirements for an inverter
  2. Inverter is not a generator and has its own limitations. You can’t power and run the complete household with a normal inverter.
  3. Decide the appliances and gadgets you want to run on the inverter with their power consumptions.
  4. Running and starting power requirement of all electric appliances are different. Some appliances like refrigerator, washing machine,Pump motors etc. take almost double power to start as compared to the normal running power.

Find the VA rating: It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the equipment. If the inverter operates with 100% efficiency, this means that the power requirement of the appliances and power supplied by the inverter is the same. But this is ideally not possible, and this is known as the power factor of an inverter. Thus, the combination of your power requirement and inverter’s power factor decides the VA ratings of an inverter.

UPS or Inverter:  UPS and inverter generally does the same job, i.e. converting DC into AC in case of power failures. But for a home, the backup power requirement is higher. UPS cannot supply that much power and only support it for a few minutes. The inverters are classified according to their output waveforms with the three common types being the square wave, the pure sine wave and the modified sine wave. It is best to buy pure sine wave inverters

Battery: The life and performance of an inverter are very much dependent on battery quality. The capacity of a battery is expressed in terms of Ampere Hour (Ah). It indicates:

1.No of back up hours.

2.Power requirement

3.Voltage of the battery

Automotive like car,truck,genset batteries are not suitable for home Inverters: Lead-acid batteries used for automotive purpose are termed as “high cycle” lead-acid batteries while the requirement of the inverter is totally different. They require a “deep cycle” batteries to provide continuous power.   

SMF or Maintenance-free batteries: These batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries which do not require topping up or additional ventilation. But the life of maintenance-free batteries is comparatively low, and the cost is comparatively high.

Tubular batteries: There are two type of lead acid batteries. One is Flat battery. Other is Tubular Battery. Tubular battery is the most popular segment of inverter batteries. Tubular batteries have a complex design, while flat plate batteries have a simple make up. The high electrical efficiency and extra-long life make tubular batteries suitable for both domestic and industrial applications. A good maintained tubular battery life span is upto 6 to 8 years or more.

The Manufacturer of the Batteries: It is always advisable to go for a trusted brand for both inverter and inverter batteries. If you are getting this under a reliable name, one should not leave such an opportunity. It always helps with after-sales support and maintenance issues. Luminous,Amaron,Exide can be your saviour in this aspect, as our reliable brand provides the best inverter and inverter batteries for your home backup requirements. Their robust, sturdy and long-lasting products come with a good warranty span and unmatched results. They are a pioneer in the field of manufacturing, trusted inverter and inverter batteries

Luminous Inverter & Battery Products

Regalia – India’s 1st Wall Mounted
Smart Power Backup System

Luminous Regalia Solar UPS, is most sophisticated and smartest power back-up system. It is India’s first wall mounted smart power back-up system, designed to suit your modern sensibilities. It is a pure sine wave Home UPS which makes it practically noiseless and highly efficient. It comes with LI-ion batteries that are maintenance free with a life-cycle of up to 10 Years. Regalia not only offers style but is also a smart device which shows you the remaining back-up and battery charging time on its display screen. regalia 900VA / 48V and 1500VA / 48V are available at Olive power Luminous inverter in Chennai

  • Powered by Li-ion battery which has 3x longer life, 3x charging speed and is 15% more efficient
  • Smart Home UPS with Wi-F- connectivity and Moblie App for device control.
  • Colour Touch Screen to view backup time, Charging time or device configuration.
  • Battery Charging commences at input voltage as low as 100V
  • Warranty 24 Months on electronics and 60 months on battery

Luminous Eco Volt – Efficiency that saves your precious resources

Luminous Eco Volt is a pure sine wave Home UPS> The low harmonic distortion makes this UPS practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it efficient and helps save on electricity bills. Eco Volt 650,Eco Volt 750,Eco Volt 850,Eco Volt 1050,Eco Volt 1550,Eco Volt 1650 are available at Olive power Luminous inverter in Chennai

  • Pure sine wave
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Supports Flat,Tubular,SMF & Local battery.
  • ABCC Technoloby
  • Overload protection with auto reset

Luminous Cruze + – Non-stop business during power cuts

Home and commercial establishments have higher power needs. Frequent power-cuts can hamper the overall performance of the appliances. Luminous High KVA UPS offers high quality and reliable power back-up solution for running office and sensitive equipments. The low harmonic distortion makes this inverter practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps save on electricity bills. Luminous Cruze 2KVA,Cruze 2.5KVA,Cruze 3.5KVA,Cruze 5.2KVA,Cruze 8KVA,Cruze 10KVA availabel at olive power in Luminous Inverter in Chennai.

  • Pure sine wave
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Protection through MCB.
  • Big load carrying capacity
  • Synchronized changeover

Inverlast – Super long back up, super long life

Luminous Inverlast Tall tubular range of batteries are next generation Talll Tubular batteries which are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts. The ultimate tall tubular batteries, especially designed with thick tubular plates are best suited for areas with frequent power cuts. These long lasting batteries have 30% more Acid volume per ampere hour than ordinary tubular batteries. Inverlast available in ILTT18048N-150AH, ILTT18000N – 150AH, ILST10036-80AH, ILTT26060-220H at Olive Power in Luminous Batteries in Chennai.

  • Tall Tubular battery
  • 48-60 Months Warranty
  • Rugged container.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long life

Redcharge – Long backup, Low maintenance

Luminous Redcharge Batteries Highly reliable tubular-plate technology enables batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent power. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing battery life. The tubular-plate batteries perform better on heavy-duty applications. Even the maintenance required with these batteries is quite less. Redcharge 18000,Redcharge 15000,Redcharge 25000 available at Olive Power in Luminous Batteries in Chennai.

  • Tall Tubular battery
  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Rugged container.
  • Ideal for longer power cut areas.
  • Long life

Trolley – Powerful inside, Beautiful Outside

Luminous Trolley ToughX Trolley is an elegantly designed product, which is sturdy as a rock and yet pleasing to the eye. It surely is the very best accessory for your Luminous UPS set. Luminous TX100L,TX200L,TX1005 available at Olive Power in Luminous Trolley in Chennai.

  • Shock Proof
  • No dangling wire
  • Super compatible works with all types of batteries.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Long life

Luminous Zelio 1100

Luminous inverter Chennai

Luminous Zelio Wifi Inverter is India’s smartest Home UPS with Wi-Fi Connectivity and displays backp-up time in hours & minutes. The low harmonic distortion makes this Luminous Home Inverter UPS practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and help s save on electricity bills

Key Feautres

  1. Smart Home UPS with intuitive LCD Display, Wi-Fi connectivity and Android/iOS app
  2. The App allows access to device statistics on your Smartphone, like Back-up time remaining, Battery charging time, Input Voltage on mains supply, % load on Home UPS in back-up mode, Power Cut Trend and Battery Health Status
  3. 32 bit DSP processor which optimizes charging current and calculates back-up time
  4. Input mains protection through MCB instead of fuse
  5. Easily Bypass the device the in case of device fault and allow mains to be available without any wiring changes
  6. Supports wide battery rande, i.e. Flat plat Battery, Tubular Battery & VRLA (SMF)

Luminous Zelio Inverter has two variants. One is Zelio 1100 other one Zelio 1700. Zelio 1100 capacity & DC voltage is 900VA / 12V. Zelio 1700 Capacity & DC Voltage is 1500VA / 24V. The input Volatage Rang is 110-285V. Maximum Bulb load for Zelio 1100 is 756 Watt. Zelio 1700 is 1260 Watt. Maxmimum Charging current for Zelio 1100 is 15A and Zelio 1700 is 17A. Net weight of the Zelio 1100 is 10.0 Zelio 1700 is 14.3KG. Both has Protectino of Overload, Low battery, Over charge, Short Circuit, Over temperature & Wrong Wiring.

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