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Authorized Luminous Inverter Battery Dealer and Distributor in Tiruvallur

Luminous Inverter Combos – Fastest Selling Brand in India

Luminous Inverter and Luminous Inverter Battery is a Top and Fast selling products across India and they have achieved this In just a few years. It is because of the new technological innovation,better quality and after sale service compared to other brands in India. Luminous inverter price are also very competitive comparing to other brands. It is a MNC Company owned by Schneider Electric Corporation. There is a wide range of products available from Low end inverters to High end inverters, Solar products Electrical Home appalicances. Luminous is the most reputable brand in India, according to majority of the consumers. Consumers in India have named Luminous as the most preferred brand in a new survey conducted by a research. Numerous Service engineers and 293 Luminous service center are available in 400 Cities and the Service center for Luminous Inverter in Chennai available at Arumbakkam. Luminous customer care no 1800-103-3039 availabe 24 Hours for Customer service support. Eco Volt 1050 and RC 18000 is the best Luminous inverter for home. To see full list of Luminous inverter combos click SHOP NOW!

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Authorized Microtek Inverter Battery Dealer and Distributor in Tiruvallur

Microtek Inverter Combos – India’s Most Preferred Brand

Microtek Inverter company presents high quality Intelli pure sine wave UPS and Inverters that protects your Home appliances with Grid quality Power. With Microtek you get an advanced solution that never stop during power cuts! It is the perfect solution for you if you are running home appliances, electronic appliances, sensitive machinery, medical equipments. Mtek Batteries made using Japanese technology, these batteries ensure that the demand of Best Inverter for Home is met with effortless ease. Utilizing the best of imported machines, the batteries are so powerful and adopt to go on for hours lighting homes of any size, shape and dimension. Microtek AC Stabilizers comes with 3 year on-site warranty with best quality. Service centers available for Microtek Inverter in Chennai at Padi, Mount road and East Tambaram. To see full list of Microtek inverter combos click SHOP NOW!

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Authorized Exide Inverter Battery Dealer and Distributor in Tiruvallur

Exide Inverter Combos – Beat the heat with Exide inverter Combos

Exide has been serving customers over decades with packaged power solutions and delivers quality products at affordable costs. The following can be listed as essentials of a good inverter battery for home use, all of which are promised by the brand. Exide inverter batteries are equipped with this safety feature, which is especially useful if you stay in an area experiencing frequent or prolonged power cuts. The tubular batteries from the Exide Invatubular and Exide Invamaster ranges are equipped to operate at extreme temperatures and are used in high cyclic applications. Exide batteries are conveniently built to ensure maintenance is easy and smooth. Tubular inverter batteries from the brand like the Exide Invatubular and Exide Invamaster are manufactured with Torr Tubular technology, which prevents shedding or corrosion and ensures durability of the products. To see full list of Exide inverter combos click SHOP NOW!

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Authorized Amaron Inverter Battery Dealer and Distributor in Tiruvallur

Amaron Inverter Combos – Last long, Really Long

Most parts of India suffer from power cuts and extreme voltage fluctuations. It is no wonder that a vast majority of Indians depend on inverters to address this problem. And to take care of this crucial need, they depend on a battery that won’t let them down. Amaron With a range of inverter batteries to suit varying needs and applications of end users, Amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market, so you are never at a loss for power. When you buy an Amaron inverter battery, you enjoy a completely hassle-free experience as the battery uses a high heat resistant Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for its grids which makes it zero-maintenance. Amaron also offers a range of technologically advanced inverters and home UPS system for complete peace of mind.To see full list of Amaron inverter combos click SHOP NOW!

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Best Luminous Inverter Battery Combo For 2 & 3 BHK Home

1050 Sinewave + 150AH Tall Tubular – Best Luminous Combo For House

Luminous Inverter Eco Volt Neo is a pure sine wave Home UPS. It has features like intelligent water level indication which helps track battery water level without any hassle. The low harmonic distortion makes this Home UPS practically noiseless and the pure sine wave output makes it highly efficient and helps save on electricity bills.he economical range of Luminous Inverter Tubular batteries with high performance, made using rugged tubular plates. These batteries require minimum maintenance and withstand long and frequent power cuts. Luminous a top Company for Inverters,batteries and solar across India. Schnider based Luminous Inverters is one of the best company for Power products applications. Luminous specializes in ‘Inverters and Batteries and has over more than 1000 products. Luminous sells Home Ups,Commericial inverters,Tubular Batteries for Inverters and Solar products.To Buy click SHOP NOW!

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Best Microtek Inverter Battery Combo For 2 & 3 BHK Home

1050 Sinewave + 150AH Tall Tubular – Best Microtek Combo For House

MICROTEK MERLYN Sinewave 1250 With unmatched designs and innovations, Microtek Merlyn Inverters provide you extraordinary features also such as Auto reset, circuit breaker and long lasting. It Don’t let power cuts steal away your precious family time. Power your life with bold and beautiful ” “MERLYN PREMIUM SERIES” home UPS which has a longer power backup and less maintenance. It consumes less electricity and charges faster. Mtek power battery fully understands the chronic issues that go with power supply in India, and its the reason its resolve to take the light to every household across the country. With such a motto, it produces a superior inverter battery range known for their long-lasting nature and impeccable performance under any circumstancesTo Buy click SHOP NOW!

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