Exide 1125+150AH Inverter Battery Combo

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Category Inverter Combo
Inverter Model Exide Star 1125
Battery Model Exide IMTT1500
Inverter Type Sinewave
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Inverter Capacity 1125VA
Battery Capacity 150AH
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 21,499.00 (incl GST)

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Exide 1125+150AH Inverter Battery Combo is suitable for Home and Office 

  1. For more than seven decades, Exide has been one of India’s most reliable brands, enjoying unrivaled reputation and recall.
  2. Furthermore, our constant emphasis on innovation has propelled Exide to the forefront of the lead-acid storage batteries industry.
  3. In addition, our extensive geographic footprint allows us to reach customers across diverse regions.
  4. it ensuring widespread availability of our high-quality products.
  5. Moreover, our strong relationship with marquee clients has solidified Exide’s position as a trusted partner in the automotive and industrial sectors.
  6. Additionally, our steady technology upgradations, in collaboration with global business partners, have enabled us to stay ahead of the curve.
  7. Exide Deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.
  8. With a strong commitment to excellence, Exide continues to lead the way in providing reliable and innovative lead-acid storage batteries for automotive and industrial applications.
  9. Moreover, Exide’s global presence is reinforced by its subsidiaries in the UK, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.
  10. Additionally, the company’s exports reach an impressive 45 countries across six continents, expanding its customer base in diverse international markets.
  11. Furthermore, Exide continues to attract a growing list of overseas customers.
  12. Further solidifying its position as a trusted provider of energy storage solutions worldwide.
  13. With a strong international footprint, Exide demonstrates its ability to meet the diverse needs of customers around the globe, regardless of their geographic location.
  14. Transitioning seamlessly across borders.
  15. Exide’s products and services are sought after by customers across multiple continents.


Features of Inverterz Star

  • LCD Display
  • Manual Mains Bypass Facility
  • Auto Smart Protections
  • Copper Transformer
  • Mains Overload through Resettable Switch
  • High quality pure sine wave
  • 3-Stage Intelligent ASIC Charging
  • Dual Output Sockets


Load Chart & Backup Time 

Option 1 6 Lights + 6 Fans
Option 2 4 Lights + 5 Fans + 1TV or 1 Desktop
Backup Time     2 To 14 Hours (3 Hours for 400 Watts Usage) 

Specification of Exide 1125+150AH Inverter Battery Combo

Inverter Brand Exide
Inverter Model  Star 1125
Inverter VA & DC Volt 1125 VA / 12Volt                                                                                    
Inverter Output Power 840 Watts
Inverter Wave Form Sinewave
Inverter Warranty 42 Months
Inverter Dimension 370x335x170 MM
Inverter Weight 10Kg
Battery Brand Exide Invamaster
Battery Model IMTT1500
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Battery Capacity 150AH
Battery Dimension 455(L)x215(W)x485(H) in MM
Battery Warranty 5 Year
Replacement 36 Months
Pro-Rata 24 Months
Manufacture by Exide Industries Ltd


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