Exide Powersafe Plus 120AH SMF Battery

 11,750.00 (incl GST)

Category Online / Offline UPS
Battery Brand Exide Powersafe Plus
Battery Model EP120
Battery Warranty 24 Months
Battery Type SMF
Battery Capacity 120AH

Exide Powersafe Smf Battery Price

 11,750.00 (incl GST)

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Description of Exide Powersafe Plus 120AH SMF Battery

Exide Powersafe Plus 120AH SMF Battery is Recommended for Online / Offline UPS

For over seven decades, Exide has maintained its position as one of India’s most dependable brands, boasting an unparalleled reputation and recall.

Furthermore, our continuous focus on innovation, expansive geographic presence, strong rapport with top-tier clients, and consistent technological advancements

Exide through global partnerships have firmly established us as leaders in the lead-acid storage batteries sector, catering to both automotive and industrial needs.

Moreover, Exide stands out for its comprehensive range of lead acid storage batteries, spanning from 2.5Ah to 20,600Ah capacity, ensuring coverage across a wide array of applications.

Leveraging the latest technological advancements, we produce batteries tailored for automotive, power, telecom, infrastructure, computer industries, railways, mining, and defense sectors alike.


More About Exide 

Furthermore, Exide’s strategic positioning encompasses nine factories strategically scattered across India.

Among these, seven are solely dedicated to battery production, while the remaining two focus on manufacturing Home UPS Systems.

This unique setup positions Exide as the sole entity with multi-location manufacturing units nationwide, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Exide understands the power consumption needs in India, given the prevalent scenario of frequent and sudden power cuts.

What’s more, severe voltage fluctuations are all too common, especially during scorching summer days.

These abrupt power outages and voltage swings can inflict permanent damage on your valuable devices, spanning from refrigerators and air conditioners to TVs, washing machines, geysers, microwaves, and beyond.

Having a continuous and uninterrupted power supply has become a necessity.

Unexpected power cuts can not only heavily damage your expensive electronic devices but can also pose significant challenges, especially if someone in your household relies on electricity-driven medical equipment.

Exide ensures you don’t get into any trouble with unexpected power cuts by offering every superior-quality home inverter battery at an affordable price.



Free from Orientation Constraints, our batteries offer unparalleled flexibility in installation. Additionally, they are Eco-Friendly, promoting sustainability without compromising performance. Moreover, their Easy Handling ensures hassle-free maintenance and installation processes. With No Installation Constraints, they seamlessly integrate into any setup, making them Ready to Use straight out of the box.

What sets our batteries apart is their Long Service Life, providing reliable power for extended periods. Furthermore, their Excellent Charge Retention ensures consistent performance over time. In cases of power disruption, their Recovering Ability swiftly restores functionality, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Moreover, our batteries boast Superior High Rate Discharge capabilities, making them ideal for demanding applications. They also exhibit minimal Self Discharge, preserving energy when not in use. Additionally, they require lesser topping-up frequency, reducing maintenance efforts.

During power cuts, they serve as a Great Backup, offering dependable power supply whenever needed.

Specification of Exide Powersafe Plus 120AH SMF Battery

Battery Brand Exide Powersafe Plus
Model No EP120
Battery Type SMF
Battery Capacity 120AH / 12Volt
Dimensions 239(H)x452(L)x172(W) in MM
Total Warranty 24 Months
Replacement 24 Months
Pro-rata NIL
Manufacture by Exide Industries Ltd

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