Exide Xpress XP1300 130AH Battery


Category Vehicle / Genset Battery
Battery Brand Exide Xpress
Battery Model FXP5-XP1300
Battery Warranty 36 Months
Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Capacity 130AH
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Description of Exide Xpress XP1300 130AH Battery

Exide Xpress XP1300 130AH is Recommended for Genset /Commercial Vehicles

Exide A leader in packaged power technology, Exide Industries Limited is India’s largest storage battery company with widest range of both conventional flooded as well as latest VRLA batteries. Exide has nine factories strategically located all over India out of which 7 factories are dedicated to batteries and the other 2 factories manufacture Home UPS Systems. The latest offering from Exide that promises superior power backup at a fantastic price. With Exide Instabrite, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of power in your home.

Exide Xpress XP1300 automotive battery is designed to meet the high-performance demands of heavy Genset and commercial vehicles. It provides dependable energy for extremely demanding starting conditions and peak power supply in the toughest of scenarios. Robust design of Exide Xpress battery to take care of stringent application requirements. The internal structure is designed using latest technology that provides more power and reserve capacity to the battery making it reliable, consistent and truly maintenance-free

Features of Exide Xpress XP1300 130AH Battery

  • Robust grid structure provides a long life to the batteries
  • Low on maintenance and easy to handle
  • Very high on safety standards
  • Faster charging resulting in more savings.
  • Provides enormous power
  • Low Water Loss
  • Distill water top-up twice in a year

Specification of Exide Xpress XP1300 130AH Battery

Battery Brand Exide Xpress
Model No FXP0-XP1300
Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Capacity 130AH
Dimensions 505(L)x182(W)x257(H) in MM
Total Warranty 36 Months
Replacement 18 Months
Pro-rata 18 Months


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