Luminous ICON 1100+150AH Combo

 21,999.00 (incl GST)

Category Inverter Combo
Inverter Model ICON 1100
Battery Model RC 18000 Pro
Inverter Type Sinewave
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Inverter Capacity 900VA
Battery Capacity 150AH
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Luminous Icon Inverter

 21,999.00 (incl GST)

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Luminous ICON 1100+150AH is suitable for Home, Shop & Small Office

About Luminous

Luminous, one of the fastest best inverter battery brands in India, offers a range of inverters, batteries, and solar products that are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts.

Luminous Power Technologies, known as a ‘Power Specialist Company,’ is a renowned brand that offers a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge devices.

Moreover, it boasts 7 manufacturing units and more than 28 sales offices across the country. In addition, Luminous has established its presence in over 36 countries, with 6000 employees serving more than 60,000 channel partners and millions of customers.

Further, Luminous provides On-Site Service facility for our customers by highly qualified technicians, in the comfort of their homes. Additionally it also provide Direct message facility through whatsapp to answer consumer queries.

When it comes to the Icon Series, it delivers a pure sine wave output, ensuring the safety of your appliances. Consequently, your appliances can run without noise and last longer.

This series is renowned for its utilization of pure sine wave technology, ensuring the safe operation of connected appliances.

Furthermore it delivers a clean and stable power output, the Icon Series ensures that appliances run smoothly.

About Icon

Icon is a revolutionary inverter series with a dedicated battery enclosure. Additionally, it is ergonomically designed to add convenience during the battery water top-up process.

Moreover, it ensures safety with its shock-proof design and hidden terminals. Furthermore, the series supports LVFC (low voltage fast battery charging) technology, effectively reducing battery charging time.

Moreover, equipped with pure sine wave technology, Icon seamlessly complements the décor of your living space.

Furthermore, it boasts a smart display that provides unique indications, including Mains On, Eco/UPS Mode, system fault, and battery status.

One remarkable feature of Luminous Icon is its easy bypass switch. This switch comes in handy in case of any fault in the UPS, allowing users to bypass the system without requiring any wiring changes. By activating the bypass switch, mains power becomes readily available.

Additionally, the easy bypass switch allows for a seamless transition during UPS faults. With its comprehensive protection features, Icon ensures the safety and longevity of your batteries.

Moreover, the large-duty, tall tubular batteries from Redcharge Pro are made to support heavy loads of electrical equipment during protracted and frequent power outages. Additionally, these batteries are ideal for both HRD and SFC applications and feature special grade lead alloy. Additionally, for unsurpassed electrical performance, these batteries have an orthogonal 3D grid.


Features of Icon

  • Sinewave Output
  • Glowing Display
  • Enclosure Trolley
  • MCB Protection
  • Supports Tall battery types
  • Noiseless Operation
  • 32Bit DSP Processor
  • Safety for Children
  • Easy water top up
  • No open wire so completely safe
  • Eco and Ups mode
  • Mains by pass protection
  • Beautifully designed


Features of RC 18000 Pro

  • Tall Tubular Technology
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged container
  • Recyclable
  • Key features
  • Best-in-class battery for ultimate comfort during power-cuts
  • Made in HPM container with Virgin PPCP, ensures ultra-durability and acid resistance
  • Heat Sealed Container & Cover, for safety from acid leakage

Load Chart & Backup Time of Luminous ICON 1100+150AH

Option 1 1TV+Set Top box + 5 LED Bulb + 3 Fan + 4 Tubelight + 1 Laptop + 1 Wifi Router
Option 2 5 Tube Light + 5 Fans + 1 Laptop
Backup Time     2 To 14 Hours (3 Hours for 400 Watts Usage) 

Specification of Luminous ICON 1100+150AH

Inverter Brand Luminous
Inverter Model  ICon 1100
Inverter VA & DC Volt 900 VA / 12Volt                                                                                    
Inverter Output Power 756 Watts
Inverter Wave Form Sinewave
Inverter Warranty 2 Year
Inverter Dimension 76.5X50.5X24.6 in CM
Inverter Weight 13Kg
Battery Brand Luminous
Battery Model RC 18000
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Battery Capacity 150AH
Battery Dimension 50.2 x 19.1 x 44 in CM
Battery Warranty 48 Months
Replacement 24 Months
Pro-Rata 24 Months
Manufactured by Luminous Power Technologies P Ltd


Luminous Icon Inverter

luminous icon 1100


Luminous Redcharge Pro inverter battery



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