Luminous Inverters in Chennai

Luminous Inverters in Chennai

Luminous inverter chennai

A top Company for Inverters,batteries and solar across India. Schnider based Luminous Inverters is one of the best company for Power products applications. Luminous specialises in ‘Inverters and Batteries and has over more than 1000 products. Luminous sells Home Ups,Commericial inverters,Tubular Batteries for Inverters and Solar products.

There is a wide range of products available, from Low end inverters to High end inverters, low end batteries to high end Inverters and batteries in Chennai. Luminous inverters are the most reputable brand in India, according to majority of the consumers. Consumers in India have named Luminous inverters as the most preferred inverter brand in a new survey conducted by a research.

The most important aspect of  Luminous inverter brand’s offering was extra fast response time in service cases, followed closely by remote system monitoring. Mr.Ulaganathan M, Manager of Luminous Inverters in Chennai Branch explained: “Considering the highly competitive nature of the Home Ups market, attractive warranty and service offerings, and a good reputation for offering excellent after-sales support is becoming a highly important way in which PV inverter suppliers can strengthen their brand and gain market share.”

In just a few years, Luminous’s inverters and batteries have become synonymous with technological innovation, build quality and unparalleled customer service and are highly spoken of by customers nationwide. Luminous has set up an integrated service process for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales support and has established service centres across India. They are also reaching out to with a series of technical workshops which aim to offer technical support, project consulting and advice on remote monitoring.

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