Luminous LPTT12100H 100AH Solar Battery

 12,400.00 (incl GST)

Category Solar Battery
Battery Brand Luminous
Battery Model LPTT12100H
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Battery Capacity 100AH
Battery Warranty 60 Months

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Luminous Solar Battery

 12,400.00 (incl GST)

Availability: In stock

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Luminous LPTT12100H 100AH Solar Battery is suitable for Solar Applications

About Luminous

Luminous Power Technologies, known as a ‘Power Specialist Company,’ is a renowned brand that offers a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge devices. These devices have revolutionized power back-up, power storage, distributed power generation, renewable energy, and alternative energy solutions. The company’s mission statement and philosophy have always centered around ‘Customer Delight.’

Luminous, one of the fastest best inverter battery brands in India, offers a range of inverters, batteries, and solar products that are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts.

Of course this is achieved through a commitment to innovation, devotion, novelty, and passion, as well as a continuous focus on improving comfort, efficiency, and productivity. In order to provide the best solutions for consumers, Luminous has fostered a culture of innovation and development. As a result, the company has built a legacy of trust and performance.

Moreover, it boasts 7 manufacturing units and more than 28 sales offices across the country. In addition, Luminous has established its presence in over 36 countries, with 6000 employees serving more than 60,000 channel partners and millions of customers.

The large-duty, Solar tall tubular batteries from Luminous are made to support heavy loads of electrical equipment during protracted and frequent power outages. Moreover, these batteries are ideal for both HRD and SFC applications and feature special grade lead alloy. Additionally, for unsurpassed electrical performance, these batteries have an orthogonal 3D grid.


  • Tall Tubular Technology
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged container
  • Recyclable
  • Key features
  • Best-in-class battery for ultimate comfort during power-cuts
  • Made in HPM container with Virgin PPCP, ensures ultra-durability and acid resistance
  • Heat Sealed Container & Cover, for safety from acid leakage
  • Trusted performance excellence
  • Long battery service life with satisfactory back-up time
  • Suitable for long power cut areas
  • Comparatively faster charge

Specification of Luminous LPTT12100H 100AH Solar Battery

Battery Brand Luminous
Model No LPTT12100H 
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Battery Capacity 100AH
Dimension 44(H) x 50.2(L) x 19.1(B) in CM
Total Warranty 60 Months
Replacement 60 Months
Pro-rata Nil
Manufactured by Luminous Power Technologies P Ltd

Luminous Solar Battery


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