Microtek GTI 2.2KW

 25,600.00 (incl GST)

Brand Microtek
Category Grid Tied / On Grid Solar
Model GTI 2.2KW
Max Input Power 3000W
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Solar Ongrid

 25,600.00 (incl GST)

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Description of Microtek GTI 2.2KW

Microtek GTI 2.2KW is recommended for Residence / Commercial

Microtek is one of the leading market players in the field of inverters, inverter batteries, UPS etc., and delivers long-lasting, continuous power supply to various appliances and gadgets. They provide efficient and reliable protection to the appliances against all power problems. The innovative product design of their residential inverters delivers safe and silent AC Power backup for homes. These are one of the best ways to solve the various power outages and issues at home. The Microtek home inverter range is available in a variety of power configurations and battery combinations to meet power backup requirement for all homes. All their home inverter products go through strict quality control and come with robust after-sales support and a 2 years warranty

Microtek’s Grid-Tied solar system do not require batteries and are connected to a power grid. Ideal for customers with stable grid power and low power cuts. Apart from homes, even educational institutions, industrial units, commercial areas use these systems as their primary source of energy.

.Features of Microtek GTI 2.2KW

  • LED-LCD Display, interface Selection.
  • Wi-Fi/RS485 for more flexible configuration.
  • Low Maintenance Cost & System Monitoring
  • Maximum Efficiency 07.2%
  • For Best Performance Real Time Precise MPPT Algorithm available.
  • Wide Input voltage Operating Range.
  • To Ease Installation & Maintenance It is Plug & Play
  • IP65 for Free Site Selection.
  • Intelligent Grid Management.
  • Reactive Power Capability & Self power Reducer when over Frequency.
  • Zero Export to grid kit

Specification of Microtek GTI 2.2KW

Brand Microtek
Model No

GTI 2.2KW-M11

Category On Grid
Rated Power / Max. AC Power 2200W/2200VA
MPPT Voltage Range 50V-500V
Max. Input Current per MPPT 12A
Power Limit Export Zero Export or Adjustable Power Limit Export (Optional)
Max. Efficiency (DC/AC)  97.50%
No of battery required No Battery
Degree of Protection/Topology IP65 I Transformer-less
Dimensions 26×30.3×11.8 in CM
Weight 5.5kg   
Warranty 2 Years
Warranty Type Onsite Warranty all over in India


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