Right Inverter battery for Home in Chennai

right inverter battery for home use in chennai

Whenever you decide to buy a new inverter or upgrade your old one, choosing the right one for your home is always a challenge. You do not just buy any inverter from a shop or the same inverter you saw in someone else’s home as every home’s power requirement, inverter’s load capacity, and other essentialities are different from each other.

So, before buying an inverter, get the basics of choosing an inverter right. Here we are stating some essential factors to take into consideration while going for a perfect buy for your home.

  1. Consider your power requirement: This is the most basic thing to consider while choosing  an inverter  for your home. In simple words, you need to decide the appliances and gadgets you want to run on this reliable power source at the time of power failure.
  2. Find the VA rating of your inverter: VA stands for the volt-ampere rating. It is the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the equipment. If the inverter operates with 100% efficiency, this means that the power requirement of the appliances and power supplied by the inverter is the same. But this is ideally not possible, and this efficiency is known as the power factor of an inverter. Thus, the combination of your power requirement and inverter’s power factor decides the VA ratings of an inverter.
  3. Choice of battery: The battery is the backbone of an inverter system. The life and performance of an inverter system are very much dependent on battery quality. The battery capacity is measured in Ampere hours (Ah) i.e. for how many hours can the battery run at eh required current. A simple calculation of battery capacity is done with the power requirement, back-up hours required and the voltage of the battery. This simple calculation will save you from any misleading information.

Now at a glance, let us see some of the common inverter problems. This might be an indication for you to replace the old set with a new one.

  • Inverter not turning on: This can be due to several factors like the disconnected battery, loose terminals of the battery, tripped inverter, discharged battery, DC fuse blown, etc.
  • Battery not getting charged properly: This also could be because of several factors like a dead battery, loose battery connections, melted fuse, etc.
  • Shortened back up time: It can be due to too much power consumption or not enough time for the battery to be charged fully. Also, when the battery has low level of electrolyte, the back-up time is shortened. Rusty terminals, old battery and deposition of white ash on the terminals can also be some of the reasons.
  • Continuous beeping of alarm: This can be due to excess of power load on the inverter or a stuck cooling fan.

These are some of the most common problems faced by most households with inverters. In most cases, either the inverter needs replacement, or the battery needs replacement. In both cases. Luminous,Microtek,Exide,Amaron can be your saviour as we provide the best inverter and inverter batteries for home. Their robust, sturdy and long-lasting products come with a good warranty span and unmatched results. They are a pioneer in the field of manufacturing trusted inverters and inverter batteries.     

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