Top Best Inverter Battery brand for Home Inverter Use in Chennai

Top best inverter battery brands
Top best inverter battery brands

Power failure is a major issue in Chennai. People have to install Power back up solution such as inverters, genset to face this problem. Inverter battery are major selling power backup solutions in India. But it is very difficult to Choose the right Inverter Battery as there are dozens of brand in India. Choosing the right Inverter battery involves in  Warranty,Guarantee,Maintenance,Popular brand so on. The inverter needs batteries to store the electricity that will draw the power from when the actual power is available. An inverter battery is the most important part of the inverter to give you uninterrupted electricity for long hours. One needs a really good high –Quality battery in order to get a good power back-up. There are many companies that produce good quality batteries for their customers including right size, capacity, and their quality and storage power.

These some of the best-selling and more trusted batteries available in the market and they are also available in the online shopping website of Olive Power as well. The best inverter batteries are listed below.

Luminous Red Charge RC 18000 Tall Tubular Battery – 36 Months warranty

Luminous Inverter Last ILTT 18048N Tall Tubular Battery – 60 Months Warranty

Luminous Life Max LM18075 Tall tubular Battery – 75 Months Warranty

Luminous inverter battery is a Popular brand which is trusted by most of the Indians. It is one of the best brands that manufacture lead acid and sealed batteries. Luminous Batteries are high-quality and long lasting which are come from 36 to 75 month manufacturer’s warranty. Luminous provides highest warranty battery to their customers.  Recharge,Inverlast,Lifemax are some of the best known inverter batteries in the industry. The container and box are very neat and looks good. The price starts from 9000.

Exide Inva master IMTT1500 Tall tubular battery – 54 Months warranty

Exide Inva tubular IT500 Tall tubular battery – 60 Months warranty

Exide is also one of the leading manufacturers of inverter batteries car batteries in India. Exide battery has various types of Tubular batteries for inverters. Exide invamaster and exide inva tubular are great batteries for inverters. Exide provides warranty from 36 months to 60 months. Price starts from 8000.

Amaron Tall Tubular Battery AR150TN54 – 54 Months Warranty

Amaron is another best quality brand for inverter batteries. They have their own manufacture unit across india. They are also leader for automotive like car,bike,truck in India. Amaron inverter battery comes in a good container with great look. Amaron tubular battery starts from 12400

Olive power is the leading online store for inverter batteries exide,amaron,luminous.

Best Inverter for home in Chennai

best inverter for home in chennai

Given the number of power cuts we are used to witnessing in urban and rural Tamilnadu, the power inverter technology was bound to become a household name. However, over the years people have started facing poor output from their home inverter and battery setups. While it is understandable that heavy usage during summer months may be the cause for less backup, people are even complaining about poor performance during winter months.

If you are also seeing reduced output from your power inverter, here are some things which might be wrong with the setup.

One, your batteries have become old and deteriorated. It means the battery cannot hold as much charge as it used to and needs replacement.

Two, you have become relaxed about inverter power and are now using more power-hungry devices than you were initially. Moreover, if you are running devices like room heaters and water heating rods, then you should expect a drop in the inverter’s performance.

Three, you have a locally assembled product which has started malfunctioning and can no longer recharge the batteries.

So, how to resolve the issue and get your home inverter working at its full capacity?

  1. If your inverter’s battery has become old and can no longer hold the charge required for essential home appliances, it is time to order a replacement. Buying original Livguard inverter batteries can resolve the issue in a jiffy. Luminous,Microtek,Exide,Amaron offer best quality inverter batteries in India and also provides warranty cover as a promise of long-lasting performance.
  2. In case you are running too many appliances, lights etc. on inverter power, consider bringing the usage down to your power inverter’s specification. Over use can sometime damage the unit and batteries as well. To get the most out of your inverter’s power backup you can also switch to energy saving devices such as CFLs and LED bulbs. Similarly, products with copper motors and wiring are more energy efficient and inverter friendly.
  3. If you have a local inverter, consider switching to a branded product instead of wasting money repeatedly on costly repairs.

Tips for inverter battery maintenance:

  1. Make sure that the battery terminals are not corroded or rusted. Rusting can reduce current flow.
  2. If the terminals are corroded, pour hot water mixed with baking soda solution and clean them with a brush. You can also apply petroleum jelly on the terminals and other metal parts of the battery to keep them from corroding or rusting again.
  3. Inverter batteries need to be charged regularly. If you are not having frequent power cuts during winter, make sure that the inverter’s battery is completely discharged and recharged once a month.
  4. If your inverter is using a lead acid battery, make sure it is always filled with distilled water. Do not use tap water or rain water in batteries.

All in all, every home product needs proper maintenance to work efficiently and so do home inverters and batteries. We hope these tips will help you get better power backup from your inverter.

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