V-Guard Inverter battery Combo 1050+150AH

 20,499.00 (incl GST)

Category Inverter Combo
Inverter Model Prime 1050
Battery Model VT160
Inverter Type Sinewave
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Inverter Capacity 900VA
Battery Capacity 152AH
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V Guard Inverter Online Chennai

 20,499.00 (incl GST)

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Features of V-Guard Prime 1050 Sinewave Inverter

  • Digital Signal Controller based design for pure sinewave output
  • High inrush load handling
  • Battery water topping reminder
  • Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protections
  • Normal/high output voltage models
  • High load handling capacity with in the mentioned capacity

Features of V Guard VT160 150AH Tall Tubular Battery

  • Rugged Construction of Tubular Positive plates ensure longer life & endurance
  • Most suitable and Reliable in Deep Cyclic application and higher Power shortage area
  • Rugged Construction of Tubular Positive plates ensure longer life & endurance
  • Least gas generation and low maintenance
  • Excellent performance in wide ambient conditions
  • Factory charged – Ready to use

Load Chart & Backup Time of V-Guard Inverter battery Combo 1050+150AH

Option 1 1TV+Set Top box + 5 LED Bulb + 3 Fan + 4 Tubelight + 1 Laptop + 1 Wifi Router
Option 2 5 Tube Light + 5 Fans + 1 Laptop
Backup Time     2 To 14 Hours (3 Hours for 400 Watts Usage) 

Reference Load Chart of Appliances / Electronics

Tube Lights 40 Watts
Ceiling Fans 75 to 100 Watts
CFL Lights 15 to 30 Watts
LED Lights 5 to 30 Watts
Television (up to 40″) 60 to 80 Watts
Laptop’s & Desktop’s 100 to 200 Watts
Mixer Grinder 800 Watts
Refrigeration (upto 500L) 300 to 500 Watts
Washing Machine  1000 Watts                                                                                              

Specification of V-Guard Inverter battery Combo 1050+150AH

Inverter Brand V-Guard
Inverter Model  Prime 1050
Inverter VA & DC Volt 900VA / 12Volt                                                                                    
Inverter Output Power 740 Watts
Inverter Wave Form Sinewave
Inverter Warranty 2 Year
Inverter Dimension 27.5×26.2×12.0 CM
Inverter Weight 9.5Kg
Battery Brand V-Guard
Battery Model RC18000
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Battery Capacity 152AH
Battery Dimension 530X220X485 in mm (L x B x H)
Battery Warranty 54 Months
Replacement 36 Months
Pro-Rata 18 Months




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