V-Guard Inverter battery Combo 1050+150AH

 20,499.00 (incl GST)

Category Inverter Combo
Inverter Model Prime 1050
Battery Model VT160
Inverter Type Sinewave
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Inverter Capacity 900VA
Battery Capacity 152AH
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V Guard Inverter Battery Online

 20,499.00 (incl GST)

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V-Guard Inverter battery Combo 1050+150AH is suitable for Home and Office

About Vguard

V-GUARD With a passionate desire to change the world, Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly founded the company in 1977. Moreover, he set out to create a strong brand in the Indian electric and electronic goods market.

Additionally, with a capital of Rs. 100,000 borrowed from his father, two workers to help him, and a modest voltage stabiliser production facility, he embarked on his journey. In addition to these resources, he had a vision and a strong confidence in making do. As a result, in South India, the brand V-Guard quickly spread and became synonymous with voltage stabilisers.

Furthermore, the business expanded its product offerings. They soon added voltage stabilisers, digital uninterruptible power supplies, inverter and inverter batteries, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, agricultural pumps, industrial motors, domestic switch gears, distribution boards, wiring cables, industrial cables, induction cooktops, mixer grinders, and other products to their line of offerings.

One of the advanced features of the Smart is the inclusion of the V-Guard smart app. This app enables power control via a smartphone, making it incredibly convenient. Moreover, the app is packed with a variety of clever features, enhancing its functionality.

To get started, you simply need to download the app, scan the packaging’s QR code, and complete the registration process. This seamless setup process allows you to quickly take advantage of the app’s capabilities.

In addition to its user-friendly features, the Smart inverter delivers unmatched performance and exceptional stability.


Features of V Guard Inverter

  • Save energy using Holiday mode
  • Control performance levels
  • Run high-intensity appliances
  • Override mains during voltage dips
  • Turbo Charge mode


Features of V Guard Battery

  • Rugged Construction of Tubular Positive plates ensure longer life & endurance
  • Most suitable and Reliable in Deep Cyclic application and higher Power shortage area
  • Rugged Construction of Tubular Positive plates ensure longer life & endurance
  • Least gas generation and low maintenance
  • Excellent performance in wide ambient conditions
  • Factory charged – Ready to use

Load Chart & Backup Time of V-Guard Inverter battery Combo 1050+150AH

Option 1 1TV+Set Top box + 5 LED Bulb + 3 Fan + 4 Tubelight + 1 Laptop + 1 Wifi Router
Option 2 5 Tube Light + 5 Fans + 1 Laptop
Backup Time     2 To 14 Hours (3 Hours for 400 Watts Usage) 

Reference Load Chart of Appliances / Electronics

Tube Lights 40 Watts
Ceiling Fans 75 to 100 Watts
CFL Lights 15 to 30 Watts
LED Lights 5 to 30 Watts
Television (up to 40″) 60 to 80 Watts
Laptop’s & Desktop’s 100 to 200 Watts
Mixer Grinder 800 Watts
Refrigeration (upto 500L) 300 to 500 Watts
Washing Machine  1000 Watts                                                                                              

Specification of V-Guard Inverter battery Combo 1050+150AH

Inverter Brand V-Guard
Inverter Model  Prime 1050
Inverter VA & DC Volt 900VA / 12Volt                                                                                    
Inverter Output Power 740 Watts
Inverter Wave Form Sinewave
Inverter Warranty 2 Year
Inverter Dimension 27.5×26.2×12.0 CM
Inverter Weight 9.5Kg
Battery Brand V-Guard
Battery Model RC18000
Battery Type Tall Tubular
Battery Capacity 152AH
Battery Dimension 530X220X485 in mm (L x B x H)
Battery Warranty 54 Months
Replacement 36 Months
Pro-Rata 18 Months
Manufactured by V Guard


V Guard Inverter Battery Online


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